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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rio Ebro Monster Catfish Fishing

Do Battle with the Mighty Silluro of the Ebro

Are you ready for the freshwater fishing challenge of a lifetime? From our boats we will put you in contact with the incredible wels catfish which inhabit the depths of the Ebro. Monsters like this 160lber caught by Chay Hedger are highly likely to pick up your bait. Then you are in for the fight of your life.

The take is fast and spectacular, the power of the fish awesome, the runs mindblowing, and the reward unparralleled.

And who said catfish are ugly? This beautiful specimen above is just one of many colour variations you might encounter. Most of our fishing is done from boats but we also use the buoy fishing method from the bank when conditions are right. We supply all tackle including end gear and live baits can be purchased from our shop. We now have 2, 3, and 4 man boats available for guided fishing so all sizes of party can be catered for.

For any details write to Andy

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rio Ebro Carp Fishing

The great thing about the River Ebro Is that it fishes well for 12 months of the year. In fact the carp can keep you busy whether it be the heat of midsummer or the cooler days of the winter months. Not that it ever gets cold and damp like the UK. Fish can be caught in all sizes even bigger than the 43lb lump shown here.

Andy caught the fish in early March and it was part of a period of 28 days fishing which saw over 7000lbs of carp caught with an average size 25lbs. Fishing with halibut pellets accounted for virtually all of the fish.Thats not to say that summer sport with carp is any less sensational. Multiple bags of carp with 14 -20 fish in a session is quite possible during the summer months but usually the stamp of fish is somewhat smaller.

End Tackle Requirements

When you fish with us we will supply you with 3.5lb t/c rods, baitrunner reels, alarms, pods, swingers, landing nets, unhooking mats, scales etc. If you prefer it we will equip you with medium feeder rods and approprate reels. We do not supply end tackle such as hooks, leader material, hooklengths, leads, rig tubing, lead clips, baiting needles, boilie stops.
We advise you to ensure that your tackle box includes all of the above.For specimen fishing leader is essential for fishing the Ebro due to the proliferation of Zebra mussels in the system which will cut through lighter lines like a knife. We recommend nothing less than 45lb Kryston Quicksilver. Hooks should be a strong sharp boilie hook size 4,6 or 8 for boilies/ maize and size 1s or 2s wide gapes for pellet. If you want you can purchase everything you need from our tackle shop.


EVA has been successful on particle, pellet and boilie baits. Heavy prebaiting with Maize and hemp often pays off during the summer months. Boilies/pellets work well early morning and evening into dark and the fish really go for the range of baits carried by the tackle shop. Fishing the method also works extremely well. We carry stocks of all the baits you will need for a successful trip to the Ebro.

For any details write to Andy

Fishing Raduta Lake 2006

Carp Fishing: 500 euro/week
The package includes: boat with rows, tent, bad and chair and 2 meals /day.

Zander Fishing: 600 euro/week
The package includes: boat with motor, hotel + 3 meals/day, guide for first day.

For any questions, details, reservations please email to:

More details @: Raduta Lake

Catfish fishing in Danube Delta

Catfish (silurus glanis)
Cat-fish is the biggest fish in the Danube Delta. The record is of 400 kg, with frequent captures between 5 and 20 kg. In August 2003 a fisherman caught on Gheorghe branch a 117 kg specimen.
A fish without scales, the cat-fish prefers deep waters on Danube's branches.
The reproduction period – when fishing is forbidden – lasts from mid April till mid June. Immediately after reopening fishing in June and all the way to September you get the best results. The most frequently used bait in the Danube Delta is the black earth worm, but also the mole cricket, frog, live fish or heavy twisters have good results.
For a successful fishing party it is essential to know the fishing places. We know them, you have to bring the strongest fishing-rods and plenty line. You may need more than 200 m on the reel.
Here are 2 of our locations:
- Uzlina
- Sfantu Gheorghe Branch

For any information:

Pike fishing in Danube Delta

PIKE (esox lucius)Number 1 predator fish of the Danube Delta also called “Sea Wolf” awaits it's pray perfectly camouflaged in sub aquatic vegetation. Its strike is lightning fast. The pike has a rapid growth rate reaching 3 years, and also sexual maturity, at about 800 g. The biggest pike caught in the Danube Delta had had 17 kg but frequent captures are between 2-4 kg. The ones between 6-8 kg aren't something rare.Pike reproduction lasts from the beginning of February (with the ice melting) till the end of March. During this period pike fishing is forbidden in the Danube Delta.Pike prefers clear waters with abundant vegetation. Lakes like Uzlina, Chiril, Onofrei, Taranova will guarantee a successful fishing.There are periods when pike can be difficult to find because of high and murky waters (April – May) or abundant vegetation. The solution is fishing at Perisor in private precincts situated where the Danube meets the Black Sea .Mentioning that the most efficient fishing method is with swinging twister we wish you “Tense line!”.Prices (V.A.T included): a. Accommodation and full board (mineral water, coffee, tea included)Price Euro/pers/staying
DURATIONUzlinaPerisorSf. Gheorghe Branch
3 days staying 89109132
4 days staying 125152182
5 days staying 158193224
6 days staying 186228


b. For accommodation in single rooms the price increases with 30%.c.
Motor boats for rent with boatman.Price euro/day/
boat9.9 hp; 15 hp 47 Euro
Fast boats 85 EuroWe add the fuel consumption

Carp fishing in Danube Delta

Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) Nothing compares to a Danube carp's drill. A big fish reaching up to 45 kg, the wild carp in the Danube Delta represents one of the major options of European fishermen. Frequent captures are between 7 and 10 kg but those between 12-22 kg aren't a rare sight. Carp's reproduction lasts from middle April till middle June, period when fishing is forbidden. The carp prefers waters with low or medium current and with many underwater obstacles (bushes, submerged trunks). That's why, taking into consideration the formidable force of this fish you should be very careful when choosing the appropriate fishing-rods and lines. Pricking an over 10 kg carp is not a problem but capturing it isn't at everybody's ease. Mentioning that an important role in any fishing party plays choosing and luring the fishing place we present to you 2 of our locations: - Uzlina area - Sfantu Gheorghe branch

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Texas Carp Challenge

Quarter Million Dollar Prize Could Be a Reality for Carp Angler in Austin,
Texas Carp Challenge

Tournament UpdateHosted by the American Carp Society.
It looks like Town Lake may have produced a $250,000 common carp today when a Texas angler pulled a 43 pound 2 ounce common carp from the waters in Austin early this evening. Al St. Cyr, a Denton native who resides in Austin, landed the fish during The Texas Carp Challenge's final twenty-four hours, and pending verification, St. Cyr's carp will qualify him for the huge bonus prize at tomorrow's awards ceremonies at Cabela's in Buda.
The American Carp Society is offering the prize to the one angler who breaks the current Texas state record of 41.5 pounds for common carp during the five-day competition and establishes the new record.In other news, Scott Osmond of Boston MA is currently a qualifier for another bonus prize. $25,000 could be Osmond's as his catch of 130 pounds and 1 ounce puts him in the lead for the prize, more often called the Big Four, which is based on the sum total of the angler's largest four fish totaling over 130 pounds. The contest continues through 5PM Friday and is capped off with the awards ceremony at Cabela's in Buda at 8PM which is open to the public. The Cabela's is serving as a host sponsor for the Texas Carp Challenge. Updated information and the TCC leader board can be found on the American Carp Society's website -
The American Carp Society is dedicated to the sport of catch and release carp fishing and promotes the conservation of the species.
The event is sponsored by - Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse, Big Carp Tackle, EconoLodge, Speedtech Instruments, Anglers Edge Plus, Nature's Perfect Oils, Boater's World Austin, Enterprise Tackle, Reuben Heaton - The Official Weigh Scales for the American Carp

SocietyContact: David Moore, Tournament Director (cell 918-289-6774) or,
Kathleen Kelly, Media and Spokesperson315-764-5654

Additional Contacts: ACS Directors Sean Manning
310-488-8205 or
Wayne Boon 818-804-6622
American Carp SocietyPO Box 1502Bartlesville OK 74005-1502

Monday, March 27, 2006 Trophy

A special carp fishing competition is organized by, Romanian carp fishing website.
In 6-8 octomber 2006, 50 teams will challenge for that special Trophy. The prizes are not money or tackle, just medals and diplomas.
Interesting at this competition is that the winning team will be decided by total weight of the 2 biggest carp cought. If two teams have the same weight win the team with the biggest fish.
The competition is hosted by Darvari Lake, a very well known lake near Bucharest, a lake with huge potential.

The fee is just 100 Euro (aprox 120$), thus is a competion for everyone, not only for pros.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Even if is not from Romania it is an interesting fish.
It is the largest catfish since Thailand began
keeping records in 1981, said Dr. Zeb Hogan, WWF
scientist. WWF and National Geographic Society
started a conservation project exploring rivers and
lakes around the world seeking evidence of the
largest freshwater fish on Earth. "My study of giant
freshwater fish is showing a clear and global
pattern - the largest fish species are disappearing,"
says Hogan. The Mekong River Basin is home to
more species of giant fish than any other river on
Earth. It is also the most productive river fishery in
the world.

Date: st 1 May 2005
English name: Giant Catfish
Scientific name: Pangasianodon gigas
Method: Net
Weight: 293 kg (645,96 lbs)
Length: 270 cm (106 inches)
Water: Mekong River
Country: Thailand
Angler/Fisherman: Mr. Thirayuth Panthayom

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Specialist Tackle International Carp Challenge - St Lawrence River 2006

1st Specialist Tackle International Carp Challenge – St Lawrence River
Waddington New York
4th – 8th July 2006
1. The draw will be a “walk off”. All competitors will be shown the designated
pegs prior to the draw, where they can choose their preferred areas. The first
team drawn can choose their peg, and so on through out the draw. Once the peg is
chosen, it will be final.
2. Specialist Tackle LLC has absolute control over all aspects of the competition.
3. All teams must pre-register for the draw.
4. Teams can arrive at their pegs after 1st light, when plumbing and pre-baiting can begin.
5. A 15 minute extension will be given for fish hooked prior to 8am finish (July 8th).
6. If a team member leaves pegged area, 2 rods must be reeled in, if both team members
leave pegged area, all 4 rods must be reeled in.
7. Any team found fishing more that 4 rods during the competition, will be disqualified.
8. Tackle: 1 single hook per rod, 2 rods per angler (4 per team) spods and marker rods are
allowed, but will be tagged by marshall prior to commencing fishing. 2 Spare rods are
allowed per team, again these will be tagged. Any rods not disclosed to marshals will
result in disqualification.
9. Anglers must set up and fish from designated peg area only. This area will be
clearly defined.
10. All baiting must take place from the bank side within the designated peg area. No boats
or floatation devices of any kind may be used. Swimming is prohibited.
11. Unhooking mats must be used, and carp sacks to retain fish prior to weighing. Teams
are responsible for their own mats and slings.
12. All fish will count towards total weight, but must be cyprinus carpio species (ie common,
mirror, leather carp)
13. The weight is determined by the weigh marshall and agreed upon by team member.
14. Any bait is allowable as long as it is not harmful to the fish or the environment.
15. All competitors must wear I.D. wristbands and carry personal I.D.(non-US residents
must have their passport with them at all times.)
16. Marshalls shall be permitted to search a teams swim, vehicle etc. If deemed necessary.
17. Any teams breaking the ruled will be disqualified.
18. New York fishing license require for this event $40 for year or $25 for 7 days.
19. The winning team will be decided by overall weight. In the event of a tie for the overall
or section winners, the tie will be broken by the top four biggest fish. If a tie still exists,
then 5th and 6th etc will be counted until tie is broken.
20. The entrance fee is $1000 per team of two anglers. Can be paid in two instalments but
total fee no later than 31st May 2006.
Prizes are:
1st Overall weight $10,000
2nd Overall weight $5,000
3rd Overall weight $2,500
4th Overall weight $1,500
5 section winners of $2,000 in tackle or vouchers
Big fish winner $5,000
A $10,000 bonus will be paid to any team catching 4 fish totalling OVER 130lb.
If more than 1 team breaks the 4 fish total, the winner will be the largest weight. If
a tie exists, the winner will be the team with the largest 4 fish, then 2nd largest etc.
There will be 5 sections of 10 teams.
Teams finishing 1st to 4th are excluded from qualifying as section winners.


For immediate release
September 15, 2005
Unprecedented Quarter Million Cash Prize for New Texas Carp Record Bartlesville, OK --- The American Carp Society announced today that Austin has been selected as the site for the first annual ACS Texas Carp Challenge (TCC) March 26-31, 2006. A prize pool like none other in the sport of catch and release carp angling will be offered at the premier tournament.
One lucky angler has the chance to win an astounding $250,000 cash prize should the new Texas state record for cyprinus carpio be established at the competition. Town Lake yielded the current record of 41.5 pounds in March 2005 according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
The coveted “Big Four” bonus cash prize of $25,000 could be awarded to the participant who brings in the four largest fish with a total weight grander than 130 pounds combined during the event.
“These prizes are unprecedented in carp angling,” says David Moore, tournament coordinator and a director of the American Carp Society. “As we see the sport of catch and release carp angling gaining momentum in the United States, tournaments and the prizes will undoubtedly grow larger.”
“Carp angling is widely accepted in many other countries around the world, so it is certain this tournament will see some international anglers as well,” continues Moore. “We expect a good number of talented and acclaimed carp anglers to compete.”
The six day tournament will be headquartered in Austin. Competitors will draw for peg position and set out to fish within a seventy-five mile radius of Austin, the Greater Travis County and lower Colorado
River region. The 120 hour endurance and skill competition commences on March 26 and ends
on March 31. A number of cash and tackle prizes will be awarded throughout the tournament and at the awards ceremonies in Austin.
Texas Carp Challenge registration information, call 918-289-6774 or visit the American Carp Society website at
The American Carp Society provides a broad array of services which include carp tackle and equipment e-store, educational materials and publications, regional and national tournaments and contests.
ACS is dedicated to the sport of catch and release carp fishing and promotes the conservation of the species.


Saturday, February 25, 2006


The new location is Lac D'Orient, in France and the date is 11th - 16th september 2006.

News for 2006

§New venue Mecca of carp angling “The Orient”..
§ Fish a massive amount of bank space never legally fished before First ever carp enduro using 25kms of banks
§ Boats allowed as well as bait boats*and echo sounders As the event grows bigger and better this year we are please to allow boats and bait boats into the competition.
§ Panel of experts To assist in pegging and establishment of rules now that boats are allowed.
§ £15 000 team prize table* For an additional £50 per person you could share in between 1st, 2nd and 3rd team an amazing further £15 000 worth of prizes.
§ Cash prizes for sections* For the first time ever cash prizes will be awarded to section winners.


§ 114 hours enduro including 6days & 5 nights An extra two days fishing
§ 200 pegs with a possibility to increase to 400 A 100% capacity increase compared to previous competitions § A massive £50,000 prize fund (€73,800.00) A 100% increase on previous years with a massive £20,000* in cash prizes
§ Increase of two rods to 6 per pair Now each pair will be allowed 6 rods

Prize fund

£50,000* - €73,800*A 100% prize fund increase from 2005 £20,000 cash prize fund – €29,000.00 An extra £9,000 cash into the prize fund compared to 2005 Overall winners £10,000 Second pair £3,000 - Third pair £ 2,000 1st pair in each section £500 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams to share £15,000 prize table Biggest fish, 2nd & 3rd in each section, first fish, best Lady.

Entry Fees

£700 for early birds - 5th January – 14th March £800 15th March – 15th August £900 for late entries 16th August – 11th September Including an entry in the skill events £300 per team - A team = 3 pairs £50 per person - To include special welcome bag & seated meal at gala dinner £10 entry – For additional goes Casting, Boilie throwing, Carp pulling


Confirmation of entryWhen you wish to confirm your entry, we will usually require payment of the price in full. If you cancel your booking with us, cancellation charges may apply to payment received by you (see below). You also agree to be bound by the terms of our Terms and Conditions. You must also take out personal and travel insurance either through us or independently to a given standard. The Contract will only exist between us when we have sent you our Confirmation Receipt.

Deposits, balances, Transfers, Pound Sterling
Occasionally when bookings are taken some months in advance of departure payment may be by way of a non-refundable deposit of 25% followed by three equal post-dated cheques dated at monthly intervals from the date of first cheque.
The Confirmation Receipt will set out the due balance (if any) which must be paid at least 14 days before the start of the event. If you do not pay in full 14 days prior to the start of competition, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled, in which case cancellation charges of up to 100% may apply.
All bank transfers have to be done in clear funds (bank charges to be paid in full by competitors). In the event of discrepancies the Confirmation Receipt sent by WCC will state the due remaining amount, which will have to be paid in full at registration time prior to start of competition. Failure to pay due monies on time, could result at organisers’ discretion to cancel participation and the rights to a refund, according to the cancellation schedule (see below).All payments have to reach WCC in Pound Sterling for the correct amount as per price list, regardless the currency used in the country of origin (information given in Euro are purely for convenience).Making changes to your travel arrangementsIn the event World Carp Classic has provided you with any travel arrangements and if you wish to change any part of your booking after we have sent our Confirmation Receipt to you, we will do our best to help, provided that we are advised of such changes in writing by the person who has signed the Booking Form at least 8 weeks before departure. In many cases, changes will not be possible, but if we can negotiate a change with our suppliers then there will be an amendment fee payable of £10 per person where changes are possible.
If for serious reasons of health, the death of a close relative or for jury service you are prevented from proceeding with your travel arrangements, you may be able to transfer your booking to another person, provided that we are given reasonable notice in writing by the person who has signed the Booking Form, usually of at least 8 weeks before departure, and all suppliers of your travel arrangements also consent. If a transfer of booking is possible then an amendment fee of £10 is payable per person and both yourself and the person to whom the booking is transferred will each become liable together or separately to pay to us any balance due for the price and any cancellation or amendment fees of WLM or its suppliers. In certain circumstances, your insurance policy may cover you for some of the additional charges, which may arise.
Cancellation of your entry
Should you or any member of your party cancel your booking, or part of it, then we must be notified in writing by the person who signed the Booking Form and the cancellation will take effect from the date when the written confirmation is received. There will then be a cancellation fee payable by you on the scale shown below (excluding any insurance premiums) which are shown as a percentage of the total tour price:PERIOD OF NOTIFICATION BEFORE DEPARTURE DATE % OF COST PAYABLE
More than 56 days 25% or deposit56 - 43 days 30%42 - 29 days 45%28 - 15 days 60%14 - 1 day 100%
Health, passports/visas and insurance
It is your responsibility to ensure that you and other members of your party obtain the right inoculations and medical advice before you travel. Similarly, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your party have valid passports before the holiday commences. It is also important that your holiday insurance is adequate and covers matters such as the cost of cancellation and the cost of assistance, including repatriation, in the event of accident or illness.
Cars and car insuranceIt is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is fully covered against mechanical breakdown, is in good condition and complies with your country of origin and French laws. You should check that your vehicle insurance covers you for driving in France or arrange a Green Card where appropriate. The Ferry Company reserves the right to refuse to carry vehicles in a dangerous or defective condition.
You are responsible for compliance with all relevant regulations governing carriage by air and your stay during your holiday. If in the opinion of WCC, its agents or suppliers your behaviour is disruptive or causing distress injury or danger to other clients, our staff or any third party, your holiday may be terminated and we will not be responsible for any costs or claims that are incurred.
In the unlikely event the competition is cancelled by the organizers, we reserve the right to re-schedule it at no extra cost to the competitors in the next following eight months. If World Carp Classic then fails to organize the event within that time frame, competitors will receive full refunds. In the event the competition is cancelled caused by circumstances unforeseen to us and beyond our control, such as: war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural disaster, terrorist activity, or prevailing weather conditions, this also applies to any unexpected closure facility, organizers reserve themselves the right to apply a 10% management fee to all monies received. In any event World Carp Classic will not cover any refund to third parties (ie: hotels, car ferry…..) as it is requested that all competitors have correct travel and personal insurances to which they should turn to make a claim.
We can normally agree to an amicable settlement of any complaints. We cannot entertain complaints made to us after the expiry of 28 days from your return, especially where you have not complained during the course the competition and have not given us the opportunity to investigate matters and to resolve any proper complaint.

More details you can find @: